Reaching for well-being, we add habits into our routine: more sleep, more nutritious diet, exercise and so on. Then we expect results.

The dominant culture pretends to be driven by reason and logic. If this, then that. Living organisms frustratingly and gloriously defy reason and logic. Our bodies do not respond in ways we might expect.

Though we may be tempted, it doesn’t serve us to throw our good habits aside.

Instead, we need to strike a delicate balance. We need to let good habits be their own reward and let go of expecting any results. At the same time, we need to open space for wonderful surprises.

Plant good seeds and let life do what it does. Even when our bodies fail us, our good habits will have contributed to our well-being. (That physical failure is when, not if – none of us will make it out of here alive.)

Step by step, we journey
avoiding rocks
noticing flowers
wearing good shoes.


(Photo credit: Max Pixel)