Kind promises evolved as a way of practicing compassion for myself, others and the larger world. I work with each promise a month at a time, blogging about my discoveries. At the end of the month, write a newsletter (subscribe at right.) summarizing my discoveries.

I promise to…/How can I…

  1. Forgive with wild abandon. [Forgiveness, New beginnings, Hope, Transformation]
  2. Live joyfully for no reason. [Trust, Happiness]
  3. Surrender patiently.  [Patience] (Discontinued in 2017 in favor of:
    “I will spend my days in a way that enhances the well-being of myself and others.” ) 🙂 Read about it here.
  4. Open to each moment. [Mindfulness]
  5. Build, nurture and celebrate connections. [Faith, Purpose]
  6. Be tender with weaknesses. [Compassion]
  7. Share strengths compassionately . [Generosity]
  8. Ask for and accept help gracefully. [Vulnerability] [later: I will surf through change gracefully.]
  9. Reinvent whimsically. [Imagination, Creativity, Transformation]
  10. Advocate courageously. [Courage,  Justice]
  11. Appreciate blessings. [Gratitude]
  12. Love without keeping score. [Love]

[Rescue promise: I will release, recommit and return to action.]