This month, I am focusing on appreciating blessings.

Sometimes, in the midst of illness, it’s hard to find a way toward gratitude.

In a video produced by the International Progressive MS Alliance, Caroline Sincock, a woman diagnosed, as I am, with secondary progressive MS said, “the progression of the MS is something which is tireless and daunting.” What beautifully British phrasing! I have often use the word “relentless” to describe the march of MS through my life. “Tireless and daunting” seems more elegant (though perhaps it’s the British accent.)



So there we are: overcome with fear, discouraged and disheartened –All of that in one word!

How can we interrupt that drumbeat of fear? How can we recover from that discouragement?

Trying not to think about it doesn’t work well. Pushing against fear and discouragement may make them stronger. Trying not to feel things is a good recipe for depression. So what, then?

Sitting in meditation, I let my thoughts and emotions be what they are. I make space for them without judgment. I am practicing being gentle with myself. Sitting here in the midst of my life, my sense perceptions open wide. I am practicing being present. In this moment, my body is as it is. Fear falls away.

Right now, the world is filled with beauty. Sitting in beauty, my heart opens with gratitude.