Kind Promise: I will ask for and accept help gracefully.

helping handsI’ve been mulling over what I mean by “gracefully.” Lately, I have felt like I’ve been doing things “testily” and “wearily.” Gracefully has not often entered into it. When I say “graceful,” I mean smooth, deliberate, gentle.

How would I go about making asking and receiving help more graceful?

1. Take a breath and sit up straight.
In the midst of daily life, trying to get something done, I move too quickly and harshly. Taking a breath and adjusting my posture will help me slow down and recognize and regulate my emotional state.

2. Speak to be heard
My caregivers aren’t refusing to help me (as I sometimes imagine). Rather, they didn’t hear me ask. Apparently, I’m not speaking loudly enough. That’s an easy fix!

3. Ask beautifully
Thanks to my parents, politeness and clear communication are easy for me. Aiming for beauty reminds me of both these things. Remember to say please.

4. Bless the giver
I want to think lovingkindness blessings toward my helper as I’m being helped. This is a new goal for me.

5. Take another breath
Having received help, I want to take another moment to feel appreciative and celebrate the accomplishment.

6. Say thanks
Finally, I want to say thank you out loud and, when appropriate, add a positive observation about the helper’s character or the style in which s/he gave the help – an extra note to recognize the spirit within.

Approaching the process like this would transform each of my needy moments into a spiritual practice. Yay!