Smiling frog

Smiling frog illustration

inspiration: I started this drawing in January, when I was working with the kind promise “I will live joyfully for no apparent reason.” I searched online for joyful creatures and found this smiling frog.

Creation: I had the beginnings of the drawing blocked out before I went into the hospital on January 20. Two and a half weeks later, I returned to the drawing. I used the watercolor pencil to complete the body of the frog and then used my new Christmas gift – some Derwent waterbrushes – to add water. I very much like what happened next: the watercolor pencils blended much more like regular watercolors. I came back during a different session and added pencil on top, which added more definition. Then I added ink. One of these days I will not be in a hurry and will scan the artwork before adding ink. I always feel unsure about the ink after it is added – my accuracy leaves so much to be desired.


  • Since I just finished this drawing, I look at it and see all the mistakes. In a month, will I still notice them?
  • I definitely like the waterbrushes!
  • I have switched from my joyful kind promise to considering befriending my journey. When I think of frogs, I think of fairytales and frogs which transform into princes. I also think of Kermit and the song It’s Not Easy Being Green. Both deal with the issue of befriending one’s journey. Is a frog not good enough as a frog? Fairytales would seem to say no. Kermit came to believe green is beautiful and made his peace with his journey as a frog.

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February 24, 2018

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