crocus in the snow

Crocuses in the snow by Kate enter my


I wanted to draw something that said “spring” and the crocus flower made sense. I found a photo of crocuses in the snow.

Then I bumped into the art of Joanne Boon Thomas and fell in love with her line and wash technique, which I saw at Arttutorcom. She turns her painting upside down and lets the paint run. She also speckles the paint.

Poppies by Joanne Boon Thomas

Poppies by Joanne Boon Thomas

Could I get the same effect with watercolor pencils? Would the black marker work the same way ink does?


I experimented to find out…

The answer to both questions was no, but I did like the way my second drawing worked out. Wetting the paper before I start drawing makes the colors much brighter, which I like.

Crocus in the snow watercolor by Kate Wolfe-Jenson

I wet the paper first with my usual way of drawing to see which I liked better. I also used the water brush. With the colors more intense, I decided not to add ink this time, though I may try it in the future.


I thought I could add the white space after the fact, but since I am running the colors off the top edge, that didn’t work. If I wanted to do that, I would need to leave some white space on my paper.

I like the second drawing best. What do you think?


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March 31, 2018

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