Philando Castile

Finished drawing of Philando Castile

Following the shooting death of Philando Castile, I tried to continue to write about the kind promises. It just wasn’t possible. I tried to draw other things… Geese… A coral reef… I gave up on all of them, though I did learn that the black with watercolor pencil needs to be used sparingly.

I don’t usually draw people. I don’t feel like my skill is strong enough. Still, I couldn’t get away from this subject. After making this drawing, I’ve learned how difficult it is to correctly draw a smiling mouth. I plan to do some studies to learn more.

A sign of racism (my own and systemic): this is the first time I have drawn an African-American face.

The featured image for this post is the finished drawing. Below is the drawing before adding water.

Drawing of Philando Castile













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August 5, 2016

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