A path into the woods…Watercolor and ink

Watercolor pencil and ink landscape

Uncharacteristically, I planned this project carefully:


  • a broad vee with a divided dark green below the wings and yellow above the wings.
  • The point of the vee should be at the three quarters point, not in the middle
  • down the middle from front to yellow is some tan/light brown for the road
  • dots of green and blue to be leaves

watercolor pencil – add details

  • leaves, stones, mushrooms, grass

ink – draw outlines (and possibly shading) and possibly a frame

Excerpts from my art Journal (I started an art journal!):

– I made underpainting planned above. I am less controlled than it is in my mind. I had a hard time keeping things as light as what is in my head. For next time: use a plastic lid as a palette so that I can keep things lighter.

– added watercolor pencil to the landscape drawing. Remembered what I don’t like about landscapes – there is too much stuff.

– watered the pencil drawing and started adding ink to it. I very much liked the way the trees looked in the distance before inking but, when inking the leaves, made a decision to go all the way. In for a penny, in for a pound.

– I finished inking this Saturday. The inking is a laborious process and – for something this intense – would be better done in shorter sessions. My teeth hurt!

– I am happy with this process and fairly happy with the result. I want to try it again with single subject and get better.


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August 30, 2016

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