Chickadee in snow

Drawing of Chickadee in the snow

When I chose this image, I knew it would be challenging because it’s difficult to draw snow. Sure enough! If there’s part of this drawing that doesn’t “read,” I think it’s the snow.

I want to read more about watercolor pencil drawings. The medium seems waxy – at some point, the paper just won’t take more.

There is a moment, before I add the ink, when I am not at all sure if I should move forward. This time, I was able to capture that moment with a scan…

Chickadee drawing without Ink

I like the ink version better only because it is less traditional and shows my marks. (Perhaps that is the last vestiges of egotism. Oh well, it’s nice to be able to have it somewhere.)


I love the process of drawing: looking to see what’s there, making some marks, looking back at my reference to see how I can make my marks look more like what I see in front of me. Being (interesting: I said “deep seeing,” and my assistive software typed “being.” Out of the mouths of assistive software programs…

Just as when I meditate, a drawing is practicing being. When I draw, I am in this moment, using my senses and my body… Alive!



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November 26, 2016


  1. Kitty Wilson-Pote

    Love this tubby little dude for his self-contained energy and adroit balance on his pedestal of snow, Kate. It IS amazing what pizzazz pops with the inking. Glad you opted for it, though the pre-ink softness has its own snowy appeal.
    As for the angelic intrusion of your assistive software, maybe deep seeing = Being (with a capital) in the happy sense you describe here?
    Might you share “Now is the time” with Jan Lundy and her Sadhana Sisters? Would fit so well with our special seasonal peace-seeking, eh!
    This cheeky chickadee is my desktop image for this week. Thanks for sharing him, and your process.

    • Kate

      Thanks, Kit, for your kind words. May your winter be full of peace and joy.

  2. Joe Foss

    Kate, I’m impressed with your artistic ability and generous spirit.

    • Kate

      Thank you, Joe! Thank YOU for the generosity you show in your ESL classroom every day.


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