How can you think about well-being when you are not feeling well? Through a process of awareness and gentle, supported change making.

“Be as well as possible” wellness coach Jenni Grover says. She has written  Chronic Babe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness

Grover, a fiber artist, lives with fibromyalgia, and writes about braiding five strands into her wellness practice: physical, mental, social, creative and spiritual. She tells a powerful story about how adjusting one weak strand increased her overall well-being. After attending a sobriety meeting, she stopped at a grocery store, bought cookies, and ate them while sitting in her car. She recognized that she was swapping one unhealthy substance (overindulgence in sugar) for another (alcohol).  She talked with some people about it, set up an accountability partner, and made changes.

When you notice an unhealthy pattern, you can increase your chances of replacing it by:

  • clearly defining what you DO want.
  • Making time in your calendar.
  • Noticing what action you take or don’t take.
  • Finding an accountability partner – someone to whom to report.
  • Reassessing as needed.

“Quality of life” is another phrase that speaks to this issue. What gives your life meaning and purpose? What makes your heart sing? No matter how ill you may be, there are elements of well-being in your life. Recognize and celebrate them!

Consider the five strands of wellness in your life. Which are weaker and which stronger? What small, achievable changes could you make to move towards well-being? What support can you put in place? Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

May you be as well as possible.

In your journal:

  • take an inventory: physical, mental, social, creative and spiritual. Where are you weak? Where are you strong?
  • If there is something you want to change, make a gentle plan.
  • What gives you meaning and purpose?
  • What areas of wellness do you want to celebrate? How will you do that?