It’s simpler

than you might think

leave all your

tattered judgments

far behind

enter the tabernacle

of listening

make a sacred vault

for their words               

when they are in pain   

you will hurt too

when they laugh            

you’ll giggle along

share delicious food

goofy movies

favorite books

music that moves

let them tell you

their secrets

and longings

hold them as they cry

celebrate their triumphs

when you speak

tell your truth

and be kind

show your wounds

share your brilliance

and your hopes

let your love

give them strength

just as theirs

sparks your courage

when you falter

choose love again

when they bore you

or annoy you

choose love again

deep love will

thrill you

challenge you

hold you up and

bowl you over

take the risk

to show up

with your heart

wide open

in your journal:

  • This poem was inspired by a quote: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu. Write a poem based on a quote you find.
  • What is your recipe for loving deeply?
  • Do you disagree with anything in the poem? Write a note to the poet.