Last month’s blog posts and newsletter were about dealing with change. A reader suggested that I missed one important tactic: finding humor in the situation.

Just this morning, participants in a Creative Journaling class agreed that one sign that they are feeling overwhelmed is loss of their sense of humor.

This month’s kind promise is “I will reinvent whimsically.”

When your major role in life is changing, when you can no longer do what you used to be able to do, when you are bored beyond belief… those are times ripe for reinvention.

It’s a great skill for those experiencing chronic illness.

The first step in reinvention may be processing loads of grief. Leave room for wailing and weeping. It’s okay and appropriate to feel sad. This is hard. Jumping to reinvention without clearing the emotional heaviness may get you stuck.

The wording of the promise encourages a light touch. Whimsical means humorous, fanciful, playful. How can You add play into your life?

In your journal:

What losses are you experiencing right now?
“When it comes to grief, I…”
Make a list of the ways you process grief.
Where do you see a need for reinvention?
How can you add play to your life?