Recently, a nurse practitioner told me I should spend more time in bed. Last July, I received a pressure wound because of an emergency surgery. Almost a year later, that wound has yet heal properly. The best “medicine” would be for me to lie in bed, taking the pressure off that part of my anatomy. While I am in bed, I read and listen to radio, but I haven’t successfully figured out how to write.

“I have things to do,” my ego shouts! “I need to write my blog and newsletters, get started on a new book. My mental health demands some journaling time. The Minnesota weather is getting nice. I want to be outside!” My inner five-year-old (who wants what she wants and wants it NOW, staged a tantrum. I gave her some time to wail, but realized she was only one voice among many.

Compassion invites me to stand outside my ego. What would I want for myself if I were my own best friend? I would understand my frustration but would realize that the best long-term plan is to go to bed. Better to heal the wound.

Self-compassion and wisdom are twins walking hand-in-hand through my life.

In your journal:

  • do you have an inner five-year-old voice? What does it want? How do you respond compassionately?
  • What is your body asking?
  • How do you hear wisdom?