it’s gratitude month 2020. I asked myself how I would “do gratitude” differently this year. Then I realized that gratitude is humble and simple. It’s a reminder of the good things in life. I flourish because of support given me by other beings and the planet itself. It is a reminder that we belong to each other.

 I don’t need to find some kind of newfangled way of appreciating blessings. Reminding myself (and you) that this is a practice that enriches lives is enough. Making time to practice gratitude is even better.

Today, I am grateful to be alive. The pandemic has made me realize – more than ever – how privileged I am to be a living being amongst other living beings. Drawing breath, seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves, hearing Birdsong, tasting sweetcorn, smelling fresh air, feeling the velvety texture of my hand braces… It is all beautiful.

 I am grateful for the morning PCA who helped me dress and get into the wheelchair. Then she restarted my computer (which is being difficult lately).

I’m grateful for the people at Open Arms who make my food. Today at lunch I had an unusual salad with beans and corn and jicama. Tomorrow, volunteers will deliver more food to me.

I am grateful for the software that’s enabling me to write these words. In addition to system software and Microsoft Word, I also use a Smylemouse and Nuance’s Dragon software. That combination enables me to direct my mouse with head movements, click with a smile, and write words by dictating. Miraculous!

The sun is shining and it’s above 60°F in Minnesota in October. Lovely!

I am grateful for the wheelchair that supports me and enables me to move around even though my body is paralyzed. It’s such a game changer for me. Without it, I would be bed-ridden, which is boring and lonely.

I’ve just listed 5+ things for which I am grateful. That is my daily practice, though I usually do it in the morning when I wake up. It helps me start the day in a positive frame of mind.

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