Human beings have evolved to live together. Yet, in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, we need to stay separate from each other. Michael Lee Stallard, president of Connection Culture Group, points out that we are already in an epidemic of loneliness, which negatively affects our mental and physical health. He recommends getting creative on how you might engage in activities with others.

I set out to look for creative examples of connection in the midst of this pandemic.

The Berry family, though they are scattered across five states and 10 cities, got together for a virtual sing-along and shared it with the rest of us.

I’m not the only one on the hunt. Marissa Higgins found a bunch. People have been singing, , from a distance, celebrating newborns and 100-year-olds through windows,

Today, I listened to a mini concert, courtesy of the Northstar chorus and began to read a book, along with many other Minnesotans.

How are you connecting?