As we hunker down to ride out the waves of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the opportunity to move beyond survival mode and to strengthen our compassion for ourselves and others. Good news: there are resources available. I’m collecting some of them here.

When it comes to accurate information, I recommend the CDC website.

They also have good information about dealing with the stress and anxiety that many of us may be feeling, as well as recommendations for self-cares.

Their E-book for kids, Coping After a Disaster, is charming and may help both kids and adults know what steps to take to help them deal with the chaos.

Here are some good first steps:

  1. Understand that we are in unprecedented times. We are all figuring this out as we go.
  2. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Let your emotions wash through you, knowing that you are lovable and capable and can handle whatever emotions arise.
  3. Be honest and open about telling people what you need. Resources for help are out there. They may just take some effort to find.
  4. Stay informed, but take breaks from the news.
  5. Find time to do things that bring you joy.
  6. Move your body; it’s good for your mental and physical health.
  7. Connect with people you love. Loving phone calls, texts, posts and online meetings make everyone feel better.
  8. Look for the helpers around you. Right now, there are people working to keep you safe and help us survive and thrive.
  9. Take action to help someone else. Share a resource, a kind word, a creative idea.

I’d love to hear about any resources you’ve found or ideas you have. Take care and be well as we move together through these troubling times.