Awareness and imagination can be powerful partners in finding relief from pain. Becoming aware and present in this moment lifts me out of the fear and grief (and other Big Emotions) that accompany discomfort. When I bring compassion and imagination to the moment, I get another lift. Let me give you an example:

This morning, I was aware of a lot of disquiet in my body. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and focused my awareness on the areas that were most uncomfortable.

I thought about my feet, for instance, and the neuropathic pain I feel there. “Pain” isn’t a very useful word (unless you are a healthcare provider). Once I bump into “pain,” I reach a full stop. There is nowhere to go.

What is the physical sensation I feel in my feet right now? Kind of a tingling, burning.

What color is it?                Orange.

What is its texture?          Like vibrating pebbles.

I fantasize a steady rain falling on the area. The pebbles are washed clean and cool.

I give the pain in my neck and shoulder the same kind of attention.

I pack damp earth around sharp, rough, red splinters and feel them soften.

Before opening my eyes, I send a wave of love through my body from head to toes and back again. When I return to work, I feel lighter and more energetic. Nothing has changed, yet everything is different.

Experiment with bringing awareness and imagination to your body. Approaching your pain with curiosity and playfulness can bring you relief and vitality. Comment below and let me know how it goes.