Yesterday, I was trying to drive my wheelchair into the slot that locks it down in the van. I was not able to do it. I got discouraged and angry and gave up. My promise for this month is to “be tender with weaknesses” and I was not.

Somewhere, I have a vision of being able to gracefully click the wheelchair into place. When that doesn’t happen, I get out of sorts. What if I dropped expectations, hopes and fears?

It would be lovely not to have them in the first place, but, realistically, I think I could learn to identify and release them as they arise. Sort of like catching and releasing a trout.

It’s not surprising that we value physical strength. Muscled individuals can build and lift and protect and we need that. But, as a person living with chronic illness, it’s a different kind of strength I need to cultivate, one of persistence and patience.

If learning and practicing those qualities is my goal, then weakness becomes my teacher.