I’ve been doing a lot of reading about well-being. It seems like creativity: every thinker as a different definition and most people these days have something to sell. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds.


Let me simplify.


Physical: what sorts of physical concerns do I have? How am I supporting my physical well-being?

Mental:: am I able to recover when I lose heart? Do I have a sense of purpose? How MI supporting my mental well-being?

Emotional:: am I able to identify and accept the emotions I have? Do I have a sense of connectedness? How am I supporting my emotional well-being?

Spiritual:: where am I on my spiritual journey? How am I supporting my spiritual well-being?

Each one of these can be a topic for a journal entry. If one area seems juicy, I can identify who can help and where I can go to build skills.

That seems simple enough to be workable, but answering those questions could yield powerful results.