Creative journaling prompt:

What did you learn about having a body from your family of origin? [A list*)

  • Bodies are inconsequential vehicles to carry around what’s important: the brain/mind
  • If you go out, wear lipstick.
  • Eat three meals a day. Dinner should include meat, starch and vegetables.
  • Be daring with food choices.
  • Dress nicely and modestly. (Don’t show too much skin.)
  • When you are sick, drink lots of orange juice.
  • My MS diagnosis is the worst thing that ever happened to my parents.

–There are some people who are athletes and some people who aren’t. If you are a member of our family, you aren’t.

  • Exercise is something other people do.
  • Don’t spend money on clothes. (Do spend money on books.)
  • It’s better to be thinner. (Cottage cheese is an important tool with which to accomplish this.)
  • Bodies are meant to work hard to serve others.
  • Ignore your body generally but assume that it will be able to do what you ask of it, even when that involves sustained, significant effort.
  • Sex is a powerful urge. You’ll understand more when you’re older.
  • Dancing is okay in moderation. Waltzing is best.