Kind promise: I will be tender with weaknesses.

PaintingRecently, I was admiring the lettering in a design—how lovely it was in its unevenness. Flowing across the paper, the ink caught on some surfaces and not others. It was the work of a calligrapher.

There are fonts on my computer that hint at the same thing, but because they are machine generated, they are too regular, too perfect. Perhaps being surrounded by objects made by machines, we forget how the imperfect feeds our souls.

No handmade item is like another. Searching for a noun to use, I am submerged in the wonderful world of doodads, doohickeys, thingamajigs and whatchamacallits. Like life, they are curved and straight, colorful and bland, useful and bewildering.

Every artisan reaches past fear, dips into courage and splashes mistakes and beauty out into the world. Each imperfect enchanting wiljiwig reminds us that we, too, are worthy of wonderment. We, too, make the world a more beautiful place.

Find something handmade and let it invite you to celebrate life.