Kind promise: I will open to each moment.

PaintingThe snow on the ground is mushy and dirty. The light slanting through my bedroom shades this morning seemed the same. I’m tired of the winter, tired of being cold, tired of not being able to go outside. I’ve been wanting more joy, more fun, escape. I sighed as I tried to think of how to write about mindfulness on such a morning. I thought of Douglas Adams’ vogon guard: “the hours are good…but the actual minutes are pretty lousy.”

“It’s hard to open to lousy minutes,” I griped inwardly.  I grumbled out to the living room where, through the windows,  I saw snow spitting from lowering clouds. I resisted getting started on my computer by having another cup of chai and chatting with my personal care attendant.

An hour later, awestruck by a life story featuring overcoming odds and courage in the face of adversity, a different quote came to mind:

“If you could see the great interior worlds, you would almost worship your fellow- beings.”—Christ in You

The snow is still dirty. Spring is still taking its time to get to us. Yet I am lifted out of the mush into possibility.

When I truly open to this moment, I discover I am surrounded by miraculous beauty.