Kind Promise: I will appreciate blessings.

To appreciate my blessings means to feel gratitude.  (When I arranged my kind promises for the year, I chose this one so that it could coincide with the season of Thanksgiving.)  Yesterday, I asked myself, “what color is gratitude? What shape is gratitude?” I sat down with my paints.

I had an oval  shape in mind. Ovals  are filled with possibility. I was drawn both to the orange/red and the green/blue  families. While I was waiting to decide, I painted and oval in yellow. I thought that I could cover it with another color most easily. I looked down at the lemon on my paper. “Ha!” I thought. “Now I have to make  lemonade.” I started, tentatively, with some light green over part of the oval and some blue answering it. Yin and yang?  I continued playing.

Years ago, I shared a house with a composer. He would lead me with delight to the  piano. “Listen to what happened,” he would  exclaim before he played his latest piece. He took no credit; the tunes seem to flow from his fingers.

When I  painted gratitude, look at what happened!

Gratitude painting

  This painting tells me that gratitude is:

  •  lit from within
  •  both at a distance and close
  •  green and growing
  •  sometimes surprising
  •  welcoming and mysterious