Kind Promise: I will Celebrate Connections.

I put myself in the center of the universe. I don’t mean to do it but, on most days, I move through the world as though I am the point around which everything else revolves. I am comforted to know that I am not the only one. We human beings have been doing this for centuries.

The Ptolemaic Cosmological model

[The Ptolemaic Cosmological model with the Planets and Sun moving around the Earth as the center of the World. The universe is divided in eight concentric spherical shells, one in which all the stars were fixed, and one for each of the seven planets (Poseidon and Pluto were not known). The sphere of the stars rotate daily around the motionless earth.]

I have made my egotistical misconception work for me in prayer/meditation. Picture rings in the water being caused by a drop. (Yes, it’s a favorite of mine.)

photo a drop of water

I use that image as I encircle all life in blessing.

Consider the miracle that is a human being.

As you sit there, millions of biological processes are occurring.

Nerves are firing.
Bones are providing structure.
Muscles are contracting and relaxing.
Chemicals are interacting, producing (among other things) thoughts and feelings.

Your body is sitting on a chair that is
sitting on the floor that is
sitting on the foundation (your architecture may vary) that is
sitting on the ground that is
sitting on the Earth’s crust that  is
sitting on the Earth’s mantle that  is
sitting on the Earth’s core.

Here we are, sitting together.

Having been properly boggled by this miracle of connection, I ask blessings on myself.
Then I ask for blessings on my family members.
I widen the blessing circle to the people I meet each day.
Wider still, I include the people whom my family, friends and coworkers meet each day.
I consider those in my city,
then in my state,
then in my country,
then on my planet.
I widen the blessing to all creatures on this planet. (That’s a lot of bugs!)
Finally, I ask blessings on the universe.

All is connection.