Watercolor painting of the face of a Tiger


On one hand, I am NOT confident that I will be able to paint this month (or perhaps ever again), on the other hand, I’m thinking about what I’d like to do this month. It’s “share strengths” month, so I searched for strongest animals. I’m cross-referencing that with endangered animals I’d like to paint. I chose this image because of the proportions, the engaged gaze and the colors. Anticipated challenges:

  • rethinking/reworking my painting space
  • making black and gray shades
  • preserving white space (including whiskers)


Early in the month, my husband put some boards under the desk on which my paints and easel set. This enables me to draw and paint with my wheelchair tilted slightly back. This is much more comfortable than it was.

Using the bright orange in the paint tray was fun. I used black paint from an old watercolor paint tray (breaking the rules) and mixed it with the dark blues and purples in the newer paint tray. I use a little cap full of water to help me make gray.

I made the whiskers with gray lines, leaving white between them.


The markings of a tiger are so unmistakable it’s easy to use orange, black, and white and have it suggest the cat.

Happily, I will be able to keep painting and drawing. That’s the biggest celebration of the month. Phew! (Not to mention yay!)


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June 28, 2020

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