Philippine tarsier

Tarsier painting



I am playing with the kind promise “I will be tender with weakness,” soI Googled “what’s the weakest animal?” And found

Philippine tarsier


This was a straightforward painting.

First, I sketched the tarsier. Then, I blocked in color, background and foreground.

I liked the brindled coat, and wasn’t sure how to represent that. I didn’t fuss about getting the exact match for hue, but used short strokes in a variety of browns.

Lastly, I worked to get some dimensionality in the critter.


fragile creatures are often also “cute.” Maybe we are responding to the instinct we have to care for the weak. (Unfortunately, this instinct doesn’t seem to apply to ourselves.)

Last Christmas I bought myself some basic watercolors, thinking I would use them and do more mixing.(If I were willing to do that I could match hues more precisely.) Honestly, I don’t have the energy for that. Reaching into the water and the paint box is as much effort as I am willing to make. I enjoy painting, but it is getting more tiring.

I find myself wanting to do more blossoms. The summer plants are calling me!


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May 27, 2019

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