Harvest 2017

Harvest vegetables drawing

Today, I came across Jamie Ridler’s creative journaling practice. Every day she makes note of the inspiration, creation and insight. So…

Inspiration for this piece was harvest time and the vegetable photo.

Creation: day one – block out the vegetables (very sketchy); begin drawing eggplant and zucchini (is it a zucchini?)

day two – shade what’s there and draw flower and pumpkin.

Day three – shade what’s there and draw tomatoes. What am I going to do with the background/foreground?

Day four – complete drawing and shading. Add ink. In the middle of adding ink, I decided to add a lot of ink and made a decision about the background/foreground.

Day five – added a bit more pencil to try to brighten colors. Added ink for background/foreground.


  • the first task each session is looking. (I adore this.)
  • This rhythm of looking-drawing-shading reminds me of the reading-editing-writing rhythm that works for me.
  • I find myself wishing I could work bigger so I could get more detail. (This was true of the last drawing too.) Can I? Or could I zero in on a detail?
  • If I don’t know what’s going on in the photo, it’s hard to draw. What is that thing on the right?
  • Errors made early on call for decisions later. There is too much space between the right vegetable and the flower… Note also the flower flattened.
  • What if I didn’t judge, but instead celebrated? More realistic drawing seems to invite judgment because it so clearly matches or misses what’s there. Still, judgment is a choice…



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October 31, 2017

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