2016 Lenten Journey

Photo of bulletin board at Easter

a participatory Lenten art practice project I instigated at my church

Inspired by the folks at roots, we encouraged participants to make a teardrop as part of their Lenten devotion time. (Some of us read Bruce Reyes-Chow‘s #40WordPrayer for Lent.) During Lent, teardrops were arranged on the bulletin board on a “road to Jerusalem.” For Easter, the teardrop became flowers and a parachute! Here are some of mine, created on an iPad using ArtStudio.


 a teardrop


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April 1, 2016


  1. Joan Lieberman

    Kate, I remember when you first told me of this project. The results are Beautiful! What a treat to see them in action in your community. Thanks,

    • Kate

      Thanks Joanie – it has been a treat for me as well!


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