If you live, work, or play in the city of Minneapolis, please consider taking this simple action. Taking action is a great way to feel stronger when you feel despair over current events.

Good news: the city of Minneapolis has committed to climate and equity goals for the next 10 years. This Climate Equity Plan (passed in July 2023) sets a goal to significantly reduce climate pollution by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2050.

Better News: You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Fill out an online postcard form https://bit.ly/postcardhealthyfuture  that form will help you understand the issues and write a powerful message to the mayor. When you submit the form, UNIDOS will print, stamp and send it for you. EASY!

To understand:

The plan designates two environmental justice areas (called Green Zones) which have more concentrated pollution and have been deeply affected by racism and economic marginalization. These neighborhoods will be the top priority for investment by the city.

Citywide weatherization is one of the features of the plan. Minneapolis traditionally has many below-zero days. With the changing climate, more extreme weather – including more days of 100°+ heat – is predicted. The Plan includes a strategy to insulate and weatherize every one- to four-unit home by 2040, starting with the Green Zones. Weatherization is an important first step in home electrification – necessary to achieve zero-emissions.

Current funding is only enough for around 1000 homes a year, and to make a difference as far as climate pollution goes, we need to ramp it up to 10,000/year and set up programs that make clean energy homes accessible for renters and families with lower incomes

To get more funding, the mayor’s office is negotiating with our utilities Xcel and Centerpoint to get them on board for clean energy. That Franchise Agreement will determine whether or not there is funding for clean energy homes in Minneapolis over the next decade.

We need the mayor’s office to stand strong and make sure the Franchise Agreement puts the burden of the clean energy transition on big polluters, not regular people, so we’re asking people to send in postcards to the mayor’s office. Our goal is to get 1300 cards to Mayor Frey by mid-July 2024.

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