I have been working on a painting of elephants. (When it’s finished, I will post it and add a link.) Things are going well so far. The other day I thought about adding a few bright and unexpected colors. If I add them, will it ruin what’s there? I worried. As I pulled up to my computer desk, I noticed again the poster on the door. It’s entitled “Melissa Dinwiddie’s Fool-Proof and (not so) Secret Keys to Creative Flow.” An angel (I think that’s who it is) began chanting #7 in my ears, “take the riskier path.”

In 2013 (yikes! Has it really been that long?), I took an online class with Melissa. I checked her website and discovered she is still doing amazing things. I sent her an email message to thank her for continuing inspiration. (I attached my recent Sumatran rhinoceros painting (above) because you never know when you will need a rhinoceros.) she replied quickly, telling me what she’s up to, adding “you made my day.”

I returned to my work feeling a surge of energy and warmth. “This is what it feels like,” I advised myself, “to nurture and celebrate connections. Everybody wins!”

In your journal:

  • make a list of teachers who continue to inspire you. If you know how to contact them, send them a note of appreciation.”
  • Write a thank you letter to someone.
  • What other connections would you like to celebrate? How?
  • Write about a time when you connected with someone from your past.
  • Go outside and dance your appreciation for the natural world.