Good news: as we move into what we hope is a post-pandemic era, we each get to define what that looks like. Everything was disrupted. Now we have an opportunity to build back better (to borrow a phrase from our new president). What do you want to let go of? Where do you want to start?

The kind promise for this month is “I will share my strengths compassionately.”

How do you know what your strengths are? What does it mean to share compassionately?

Here are some journaling prompts to help you explore those questions.

Discovering your strengths

Happily, when we are good at something, we like doing it. Noticing what we’re doing that seems effortless and/or most enjoyable gives us clues about where we are strong.

  • “I am happiest when I am…”
  • “Others tell me I am good at…”
  • “I like to spend my time…”
  • “I know a lot about…”
  • “I have more than enough of…” [List]
  • Remember and describe a time you felt good about helping someone.
  • Imagine your favorite meal. If you were one element of that meal, which would you be and why?

What gets in the way

What makes you hesitate to share? Anticipating what might hold you back helps you develop coping strategies to overcome challenges.

  • “I am afraid to share because…”
  • “I could overcome those fears by…”
  • “I can ask for help with… From…”
  • “Some boundaries I’d like to set our…”

Keys to compassion

Every sharing exchange includes a giver and a receiver. How can we be kind to both?

  • “To feel good about sharing, I need…”
  • “To feel good about receiving, I need…”
  • “I know an exchange is complete when…”
  • “Ways I like to celebrate with others include…”

I encourage you to imagine what areas of your life you would like to build back better as you create your post-pandemic lifestyle. If you want journaling prompts to explore a specific topic, please let me know.

Blessings ~