You cannot force joy into your life. Yoga therapist Amy Wheeler says you can only “enter a receptive, awe-filled state in case joy decides to visit you.”

She teaches that happiness is dependent on external factors and com six es and goes as circumstances change. Joy unfolds from within us.

How do we enter that receptive state?

  1. Find a balance between structure and openness, between work and play. Amy blocks time on per calendar for relaxation. She tries to take some vacation every quarter. Keep clear work cut off times each day.
  • Practice basic self-care: enough sleep, nutritious food, frequent exercise.
  • Make a habit of present moment awareness.
  • Refill your well with joyful music, podcasts, and other media.
  • Spend time with kids and animals.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Look for small acts of kindness you can do each day.

If joy were a bird, it’s head would be spending time with those who are most precious to you, it’s left-wing would be remembering joyful times. It’s right wing would be planning acts of joy. It’s tail would be the belief that joy is attainable.

Joy, Amy says, is an inside job. Only you can create the awe-filled state that invites joy into your life.