These last few days, I had the privilege of watching the online Mindful Relationships Summit. Here is some wisdom from Dr. Harville Hendrix:

The universe is connection. Everything is connecting to everything, everywhere all the time. Since we are threads in the tapestry of the universe, we are also connecting. Connecting is our nature. It’s something we can experience and when we do, we feel fully alive. We feel joyful and there’s a sense of wonder. You cannot not connect, because that’s what reality is – connecting. But you can lose awareness of it. We lose awareness of it when there is negativity in the interactive space with another human being…

If you can talk without judgment and listen without criticizing, then you can connect through your differences. When you do that, then you enter into the flow of being and that’s where joy is. That’s where you feel fully alive.

There is my new goal: to learn to talk without judgment and listen without criticism.