Delights of the Day ~

As I go through my day, I watch for moments when the corners of my mouth turn up and my heart lifts. I note these moments of delight  in my journal and consider their patterns  here. I encourage you to be on the lookout for your Delight of the Day.
No parking violators will be towed at there expense

Rising Strong, Brené Brown’s new book, came out this week. I was already in the midst of two other nonfiction books. I had a moment of dither: could I really start reading yet another? What about the ones on my Kindle that are not yet completed? Yet, the pull was so strong! I bought the book and began reading it. I love Brené Brown’s work and was instantly hooked and inspired. Reading this book is like sitting down in a cozy spot with a best friend. My body relaxes. My mood lifts. All is right with my world.

I remember when my daughter was little and figuring out that books could bring you into a universe of your imagination. I remember the moment, with the two of us tucked into the big bed, having just finished reading a Magic Treehouse book. Her brow burrowed, her eyes looking up to the left and then widening as understanding dawned. Books can take you anywhere and anywhen. As long as you can read, you can learn and travel and expand your horizons. Yay for reading!

In addition to my reading this week, my delights included:

** re-watching the first Harry Potter movie – a great way to unwind from the stress of starting a new school year

** moments of quiet solitude for which I have been hungry lately

** the parking sign at the office I visited on Monday

** Listening to some lovely guitar music from Luca Stricagnoli 

** The idea that creative journeys often have a U shape and I need not be dismayed at the bottom of the U (courtesy of another book I’m reading, Louder Then Words)

May you find delight in each day.