Delights of the Day ~As I go through my day, I watch for moments when the corners of my mouth turn up and my heart lifts. I note these moments of delight  in my journal and consider their patterns  here. I encourage you to be on the lookout for your Delight of the Day.

Last Tuesday, I was riding the paratransit bus, my wheelchair strapped to the floor and my winter coat draped on it so I couldn’t see anything behind me. We stopped to pick up passengers, an elderly man and his wife. His wheelchair was strapped directly in back of me.

As the driver worked with seatbelts and tiedowns, I began to hear a warbling whistle.

Runs and trills accompanied our journey as the bus splashed through the snow encrusted streets of St. Paul. Sometimes the whistler fell silent and the bus and the streets played percussion. A tiresome journey was transformed by the unexpected soundtrack.

Other delights this week include:

** playing a goofy giftgiving game at a support group
** drinking chai with my sweetie
** receiving a thank you note
** decorating for Christmas
** listening to PDQ Bach
** participating in a group of wounded healers
** feeling tender about my own schedule

May you find delight in each day.