Delights of the Day (for the week)

As I go through my day, I watch for moments when the corners of my mouth turn up and my heart lifts. I note these moments of delight  in my journal and consider their patterns  here. I encourage you to be on the lookout for your Delight of the Day.


This summer, I’ve been making almost daily pilgrimages down the street to gaze on a bald eagles’ nest. Two adults and a recently fledged juvenile live there. Many days I go over and stare up at an empty batch of twigs. Sometimes, it’s more exciting.

A couple weeks ago, I watched the young bird catching the wind under its wings, rising a few feet off the nest and then resettling. A few days ago, I watched parent and child ripping into breakfast.

Understand, we’re a few hundred yards from a major interstate highway and a mile from downtown. I was born and raised within a few minutes walk of woods and rivers. Nature is a major source of comfort and joy for me. When I look up at the eagles or am able to visit areas that don’t show human landscaping, my spirit is renewed. The beauty of natural forms, the unpredictability of wild things and the sense of connection in the web of life feed my soul.

On Wednesday, when I saw the young eagle fly away from the nest for the first time, the joy bubble and grin lasted all day.