Delights of the Day (for the week)


As I go through my day, I watch for moments when the corners of mouth turn up and my heart lifts. I note these moments of delight, capture them in my Journal and log them here. I encourage you to be on the lookout for your Delight of the Day.

Plunged into shock and grief at the news of my brother-in-law’s suicide, it has been a tender week. I am especially conscious of and treasuring each thread of affection and shimmer of beauty in my life.

** Connected with my writers’ group friends and with the comfort of poetry.

** Received special hugs and tender looks at church.

** Was struck by the beauty of a pattern of shadows and light on the sidewalk.

** Happened upon a plein air painter when I was out for a walk and had a conversation about the visual richness of nature.

** Escaped into an online writing class.

**  Soothed my soul with Claude Boling’s Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano Trio

May you find delight each day.