Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG QUESTION this month, is:

 How can I best feed my creative soul?

Understand that you, lovely reader, are dear to me. You add a unique energy to this world and without you there would be a tear in the fabric of the universe.

Please take time to give your gentle soul the nourishment it needs. Right now write down 10 things that feed your soul. No thinking is necessary, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what makes you feel safe and loved. What refills your tank when you are feeling low? (Hint: what sight, sound, smell, texture, taste do you love?) Make that list right now. I’ll wait…



… One of my favorite charities is Feed My Starving Children. That charity sends food  to hungry children around the world. Each food package contains a meal designed by scientists at Cargill and General Mills to meet the nutritional needs of a 4-to-8-year-old malnourished child for one day, containing 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Your list gives you clues about how to meet your soul’s nutritional needs. How can you select a few soulful nutrients, package them for and deliver them to your soul each day?

Starter action



Do one thing from your list.

Video Morsel



29 Ways to Stay Creative (1:50) 



Feed your soul