Kind Promise: I will celebrate connections.

Busyness paintingIn this month of celebrating connections, I relax into who I am. It is no effort for a mystic like me to believe in a web of life, all of us interconnected and interdependent. It is easy, in springtime, to feel connection with all living things.

How shall I go deeper this year?

Today, I am distracted. I am feeling behind on some projects. There is a sense of breathless busyness in the current beneath my thinking. Open to it.

I breathe in the busyness and breathe out blessing for all who feel busy.
I breathe in feeling behind on projects and breathe out blessing for all those who are falling behind.

This can be my practice, this month: to take a minute to notice my mood, think of others who may be experiencing the same emotions and practice tonglen.

Simple is sometimes okay.