Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG QUESTION this month, suggested by the Daily Overview website is:

What if I took a different point of view?

Daily Overview publishes a daily image that captures how human activity – for better or worse – has shaped the landscape. It reminds us of our limited perspective and encourages us to see things differently. Take a creative project of yours and ask, “what if I looked at this:

  • as though I were a bird?”
  • as though I were satellite?”
  • as though I were an ant?”
  • as though I were a nanomite?”

Take a minute to ask yourself these questions or others I missed.

Starter action

Take a piece of art. Make an answering piece inspired by looking from a very near or very distant point of view.

Video MorselArtist Nikolas Schiller does a reverse “exhibit fly-through” to the words of the Rev. Billy Graham (3:44).


Ask big and little question – ask ask ask ask ask