Kind Promise: I will surrender patiently.

PaintingThis Kind Promise works best supported by two others:

I will surrender patiently, reinvent whimsically and advocate courageously.

These promises answer the question: What happens when life doesnt go as I planned?

They are a way of practicing the WHOLE serenity prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

How do I accept those things I cannot change? I surrender patiently.

How do I change the things I can change? For things in my direct control, I reinvent whimsically. For things I can influence (but cant change by myself), I advocate change courageously.

This is lovely when its clear what can and cant be changed. What about those many things that might be changed? How much time, energy and resources do I put into working for change before I surrender?

The prayer uses the right word for this tussle: wisdom. What is true or right for me is different than for you. Some questions to help in discernment:

  • How important is it?
    Is this a change I dont want to (or cant or future generations cant) live without?
  • How much will I enjoy the journey?
    Are the tasks that I will do to make this change happen ones that will fulfill me along the way?
  • Who will travel with me?
    Will I have support and partners? Will I enjoy being with them?

Your answers to these questions may change. If things arent feeling good, revisiting the questions may help you know how to change your commitment to the cause.

Surrender is part of the rhythm of working for change. Take a step toward change; notice the results; surrender patiently and forgive with wild abandon, recommit to the cause and take another step.

What happens when life doesnt go as planned? Surrender patiently. Reinvent whimsically. Advocate courageously.