Creativity Cookies: Morsels for your Muse and

Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG IDEA for this month is

Forgive the Splat and Keep Making

Into every creative project, splats must fall…or their equivalent in whatever medium…words that lie flat on the page, notes that don’t sing, volumes that don’t vol. This is not the moment to tell a story about what this means about you as an artist, tempting as that is to those of us who love drama. It doesn’t mean anything.

It is certainly not an invitation to quit. Au contraire. Consider it a challenge. The gauntlet has been thrown!  Keep taking creative action in the face of entropy and nihilism!

Starter action

Next time…Repair the splat. Integrate it. Use it as an inspiration for new explorations. (Hey, it worked for Jackson Pollock.) Start over. Whatever you do, keep making.

Video Morsel


Watch a cartoonist work for 10 (accelerated) seconds so you can spend 10 seconds reading the meaning of art according to Scott Adams.