Kind promise: I will love without keeping score.

I am surrounded by loveWhile it would be possible to practice the Kind Promises without believing in a Higher Power, it sure makes it easier to have one. Take love, for instance. I don’t like thinking about love without thinking about a Higher Power.

Loving without keeping score is unconditional love. No matter who you are or what you have done, I love you. That’s where I want to go, but it’s not easy to get there.   As a parent, I have fierce unconditional love for my child.  But, when it comes to expressing it, my fumbling human attempts fall short. No matter what I say or do, she gets a sense of “I love you if…” or “I love you when…” Love always seems to come with strings attached.

I believe in a Higher Power who can love without fumbling. I believe in a Higher Power who is love without fumbling. Because I live in that love-energy I can dip from that well when I feel my own love  is tapped out.  If I feel (justifiably or not) unloved by or unlovable to the people around me, I can know that I am still surrounded by love. When I am having trouble loving people, I can surrender to the One who can make it possible for me to love them.

Having a loving Higher Power makes loving without keeping score doable.