Creativity Cookies: morsels for your Muse

Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG IDEA for this month is

Think your teachers

It’s gratitude month here at Journey Dancing and, when it comes to creativity, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Once a concept (perspective, for instance) is imagined, we all get to play with it. In the 19th century, there was no jazz, no rock ‘n roll… Now, we have a delicious historical tradition in both. Someone (often a collaboration of someones) invents a vocabulary and we all have a new language.

Your creative work can be enriched by paying homage to those who have influenced your work. They are your teachers.

Starter action

Next time you take creative action, reflect on where you learned the skill, the origin of the idea…think about and give thanks for the shoulders upon which you stand.

(Not taking action lately? Google “x art” where x=something you’ve been thinking about lately. Let the response move you into creative action.)


Video Morsel
Artist Theresa Crout made drawings representing things for which she was grateful, filmed the process and uploaded the videos to YouTube. Here is her 2 minute “Gratitude drawdown – Dad.”


Remember you are standing on the shoulders of giants.