Live your questions.I am bringing old stories to my fresh starts. That’s okay with me. I don’t want to throw away lessons I’ve learned to start new. I want to release things that are weighing me down.

I recently read a post by Marge Eiseman. She quoted New York Times columnist David Brooks as challenging people to “find the question that needed THEM to answer [and] to passionately pursue this question throughout their lives.”

What a lovely notion: to live into questions, rather than search for answers.

When I ask myself what question I am pursuing, I find myself echoing the subtitle of this blog: how can I live a sacred, compassionate, creative life?

There’s more, of course. My mind goes on… How can I live that way when…

  • religion causes so many problems I want to distance myself from it?
  • the world around me seems so profane?
  • I am shy and afraid to reach out?
  • I get lost in my own needs, wants and limitations?
  • my notions of what should be keep me frozen?
  • illness and disability limit my action?

That those qualities are difficult to reach makes it more important to me to move toward them.

Happily, I discover I have already created a road for myself: the 12 kind promises. Right now, I have the words “I promise to…” In front of them. By the time you read this, I will add “how can I…”

Then I will continue the journey living into my questions.