Delights of the Day for the Week

Each day I watch for moments that inspire a strong feeling of gratitude and  joy within me.   I mentally label the strongest such moment The Delight of the Day.  The practice encourages what psychologists call “positive scanning.”  I’m waiting for good things to happen  and, when they do, I notice and celebrate them. The more I understand what brings me joy, the more I can drop into it.

I’ve been tired and low-grade headachy this week. Nevertheless, remembering the idea of daily delight keeps me noticing tiny moments of joy  that sparkle through the haze. They are what makes it Big Picture Okay. [I notice them, smile, and then forget them so I’m not good at keeping track.]

What tiny sparkles of delight can you find in this moment?

Some delights from this week:

!!! the Star Wars characters gathering in our neighborhood.

!!! Losing myself in The Ocean at the End of the Lane

!!! dharmapālas – the idea that there are beings protecting wisdom

!!! the dog losing herself in sniffing the air

!!! the shadow of the plant on the living room wall

May you move toward your joy and find delight in each day.