Creativity Cookies: morsels for your Muse

Welcome to Creativity Cookies, your monthly invitation to creative action!

The BIG IDEA for this month is

 View--and do--it differently.

Back when I was learning to be a therapist, I comforted myself with the notion that there is no “value-free” therapy. [Someone along the way suggested that therapists should – ideally – be value free.] Rather than aspiring to such an impossible goal, I intended to be conscious of my values.

As an artist, I forget how locked I am to my view of the world. I forget that my notions of “good” and “bad” design are loaded with cultural and historical perspective. I get truth and opinion confused.

A solution is to play with it. If I am judging myself because my art isn’t ________ enough, what would happen if I try to make it as ________ as possible? What if I tried to remove every ounce of ________ ?

Shifting perspectives is what creativity is all about.  (But that’s only an opinion…)

Starter action

 Choose a recent creative “product” and make one judgment about it. Carry that judgment to extremes. An example:

View--and do--it differently.

Video Morsel


(4:31) Artist Raghava KK invites us to literally “shake up our stories” to bring different perspectives to our world.

Creativity Cookies is published on the 15th of each month.