Delights of the Day for the Week

I’ve been practicing what I call The Delight of the Day. Each day I watch for moments that inspire a strong feeling of gratitude and  joy within me.   I mentally label the strongest such moment The Delight of the Day.  The practice encourages what psychologists call “positive scanning.”  I’m waiting for good things to happen  and, when they do, I notice and celebrate them. The more I understand what brings me joy, the more I can drop into it.


After the last couple weeks, I have been diligent about looking for a daily delight, even though this week has been YAM (yet another migraine) week. [This is Day 5…] Finding joy in the midst of pain feels like an attempt at advanced practice.

Yesterday morning, I noticed the way the light and shadow fell on the folds of the bed sheet. It was beautiful. I had my Delight of the Day even though the pain was already gusting up to 6. When I got to my computer, I found a message from my niece saying nice things about my writing, bless her heart. Oooh, that was balm for my soul!

The power of her words was increased because she was specific and she was talking about something that matters to me.

How can we open to the affirmations we receive from others and
remember to give unexpected affirmations* to others?

* Extra points for specificity and meaning

My delights for this week:

!!! I revealed one of my less-attractive monsters to my writers group and prompted an honest conversation and creative encouragement.
 Hung out with six second and third-graders for an hour, enjoying their open questions and opinions.
!!! Same-sex marriage legal in Minnesota! Love wins!
 I enjoyed putting together this month’s Creativity Cookies.
!!! Made some Pentecost art for a newsletter. It’s comforting to know I can be creative around the edges of the pain.
 Received the note from my niece, prompting this reflection on unexpected affirmation.
!!! Put together this post and recognized how lucky I am to have the technology that makes it possible!

May you move toward your joy and find delight in each day.