Kind promise: I will consecrate each moment.

Musical dynamics chart from

Musical dynamics chart from

My assistive software
(Dragon Naturally Speaking)
insists on typing piano

What is it thinking?

Parent’s Night Out?
Public Network Operator?
Property Notarization Order?
Plasma-Nitrided Oxide? has
many suggestions…

Once I get past
giggling over –
and wishing I agreed with –
Pecunia Non Olet
(Latin: money does not smell)

I contemplate
Planned Nonoperation (vehicle status)
as a synonym for
multiple sclerosis (secondary progressive)

My right arm is so
heavy today
and once it goes
I will be truly quadriplegic

A word the software spells with ease
but with which I have trouble

25 years ago
my cane and I
spoke to elementary school children
about MS.
Difficulty walking
was all I had to show them.
One little boy gasped with horror.
“How do you live?” he asked.

I thought it
a brilliant question then.

Here I am
finding the answers