kind promise: I will consecrate this moment.

Painting of meditation silhouetteThese days, when I hear a siren, I go into metta mode. I bless the first responders, the receivers of their care and all beings involved in the emergency. (Metta meditation is also called loving-kindness meditation. The way I do it is to breathe through four blessings: may you be safe. May you be strong. May you live with joy. May you be peaceful and at ease.)

It calms me down, satisfies my urge to do something to help and I believe it does help. I confess that I have a bucket labeled “mystery.” The subject of how, exactly, prayer (or positive vibrations or energy) works goes gently into the Mystery jar and I let go. I want to believe prayer works. It makes me a happier person and I long ago decided I would rather be happy than right.

In this world of terrorist bombs, accidental explosions, shootings and addictions and illness, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Dropping into metta meditation as soon as I hear about a situation keeps each incident separated and helps me cope.  I want a way to move through fear, bewilderment and grief. That way is to metaphorically open my heart and give hugs.  Metta allows me to do that.